Teaching - Music Education Philosophy

Approach to Philosophy in the Music Classroom

My mission is to provide students a rounded 21st century music education that provides avenues for all students to succeed. This will be accomplished by providing a context that is meaningful, meeting the varied needs of all students, targeting life skills, making connections between content areas, and encouraging creative thinking. Students will develop at a pace determined by personal goals and benchmarks designed to allow them to grow individually.

Student-Centered Learning and Addressing Student Needs

I place a strong emphasis on student centered learning in instrumental music or general music classrooms. My curriculum will be designed to provide students relevant musical experiences through performance, analysis, and historical perspective. Students will be able to able to apply concepts and knowledge from music to their own lives and interests. The primary key is making music relevant to my students and also addressing their needs. While catering towards the individual needs of students in a music setting can be difficult, I am confident that providing strong and positive learning experiences for students will prove positive for all.


I am exceptionally well-versed in current software packages, both general and relative to music education. I believe that I could offer additional expertise in this area, both inside and outside the classroom as resources allow. I have particular interest in helping the any organization with my expertise in this area if needed.

Finale/Sibelius (music notation), Pyware (marching band drill writing), SmartMusic (music pedagogy and evaluation), Audacity (sound recording and editing), SmartScore (music scanning and editing), ACID Music Studio/FL Studio (loop-based music creation), iMovie/Windows Movie Maker (video editing), and Garritan (virtual instruments) are just a few possibilities for implementation into the 21st century music classroom.


Involvement in the community is important for the continued growth of my students as well as my professional development. I am more than willing to participate in community music ensembles. Students will be also be encouraged to perform and assist within the community whenever possible. assist a music parents organization, and host music festivals.


Music can easily collaborate with other content areas, allowing for enhanced learning experiences for students. Music touches the bases of science, mathematics, language, literature, history, art, theatre, and even physical education. In addition, involvement at non-music functions such as athletic events provides not only exposure for the arts, but also helps to instill a strong sense of community.

I am particularly proud of my experiences working with athletic departments, both at the University and in my student teaching experience. A positive and mutually supportive relationship between instrumental music and athletics is one that, I feel, helps to bring an entire community together on fronts beyond either department.

Accountability and Goals

How am I going to become a better student musician today compared to last week? What will I work on? What specific steps will I take? How will I achieve my goal?

It is easy for a student to become frustrated in any content area. As a teacher, I often experience frustration at myself for not delivering instruction to a quality that I expect from myself. However, every moment is teachable. We just don't always take the time to stop and think about how we can learn from mistakes. I plan to encourage all of my music students to take time, stop, and think about how to reach another level of excellence.


While respecting the need for safe and consistent elements in a classroom environment, I will not be one to settle for methods that do not work for a particular student or group of students. With differntiated instruction as a model, I strive for new methods to reach every student. Whether it's an original idea, one borrowed from another teacher, or a strategy learned at a workshop, I will experiment with various learning and teaching strategies.