Links - Colleagues and Friends

James Colonna - Composer & Conductor (Utah Valley University)

Jeff Crowell - Percussionist (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire)

Brian Handeland - Saxophonist, Arranger, Conductor (Eau Claire, WI)

Megan Pattarozzi - Clarinetist & Student Educator (Eau Claire, WI)

John Raymond - Trumpet Performer, Educator - (Golden Valley, MN & Purchase, New York)

Brad Stoughton - Music Educator, Percussionist (Fall Creek School District)

Andrei Strizek - Arranger, Conductor, Performer (Champaign, IL - Graduate Student, University of Illinois)

Claire Tiller - Writer, Broadcast Personality - Music Emphasis

Jennifer Tinberg - Clarinetist, Clarinet Instructor (East Lansing, MI)

Michael Vallez - Music Educator, Musician, Photographer (Denver, CO)

Natalie Jean W. - Photographer, Vintage Item Collector

Ethan Wickman - Composer (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire)