Conducting - Repertoire

Below is a collection of the repertoire I have conducted in alphabetical order by composer, grouped by ensemble type.

Works in green were recently conducted

Works in yellow are currently being rehearsed.

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Composer Arranger Ensemble Title
Badelt, Klaus Sweeney, Michael Concert Band Pirates of the Caribbean (The Medallion Calls / The Black Pearl)
Balmages, Brian   Concert Band Apparitions
Balmages, Brian   Concert Band Chant and Savage Dance
Balmages, Brian   Concert Band Midnight Sky
Balmages, Brian   Concert Band Rock the House
Balmages, Brian   Concert Band Stampede
Berlioz, Hector Custer, Calvin Concert Band March to the Scaffold (from "Symphonie Fantastique, Op. 14)
Brown, Les; Green, Bud; & Homer, Ben Murtha, Paul Jazz Ensemble Sentimental Journey
Bryant, Steven   Concert Band Machine Awakes, The
Burgie, Irving Moss, John Concert Band Jamaica Farewell
Carroll, Fergal   Concert Band Winter Dances
Carter, Charles   Concert Band Song for Winds
Cooley, Eddie and John Davenport Moss, John Concert Band Fever!
Copland, Aaron   String Orchestra w/Trumpet and English Horn Quiet City
Crockarell, Chris   Percussion Ensemble Katie's Bossa
Daehn, Larry   Concert Band Nottingham Castle
Del Borgo, Elliot   Concert Band Songs of the Whalemen
Dvořák, Antonín   Orchestra Slavonic Dance Op. 46 No. 8 in g minor (Furiant)
Edmondson, John   Concert Band Anasazi
Elgar, Edward Reed, Alfred Concert Band Nimrod (from 'Enigma Variations')
Elgar, Edward   Concert Band Pomp and Circumstance. No. 1 (Land of Hope and Glory)
Erickson, Frank   Concert Band Air for Band (revised edition)
Farmer, George   Concert Band Viper
Fillmore, Henry (Harold Bennett)   Concert Band Aline March
Forbes, Mike   String Orchestra Quadritium
Frackenpohl, Arthur   Orchestra Air and Cakewalk (for Orchestra)
Frackenpohl, Arthur   Clarinet Choir Prelude & Allegro for Clarinet Choir
Fraley, Ryan   Concert Band Butterfly's Ball (from 'A Child's Garden of Verses')
Gassi, Vince   Jazz Ensemble Orinoco Cocoa
Giacchino, Michael Murtha, Paul Concert Band Incredibles, The
Goodwin, Gordon Story, Mike Jazz Ensemble High Maintenance
Grainger, Percy Aldridge Sweeney, Michael Concert Band Horkstow Grange (from "Lincolnshire Posy")
Grice, Rob   Concert Band Dark Fortress
Grice, Rob   Concert Band Dragon Slayer
Grice, Rob   Concert Band Harambee
Grice, Rob   Concert Band Secret Passage
Grundman, Clare   Concert Band Kentucky 1800
Hagen, Earle Stitzel, Rick Jazz Ensemble Harlem Nocturne
Hannickel, Mike   Concert Band Popcorn Prelude
Hazo, Samuel   Concert Band Psalm 42
Hefti, Neal   Jazz Ensemble Li'l Darlin'
Hefti, Neal Barduhn, D. Jazz Ensemble Splanky
Helgert, Mark J.   Concert Band Etude #1
Helgert, Mark J.   Concert Band Ski Run (Mr. Froggie Hits the Slopes)
Hodges, Steve   Concert Band Arocknophobia
Holsinger, David   Concert Band Cluster, Fluster, Bluster March
Holst, Gustav Story, Michael Concert Band March (from "First Suite for Military Band")
Jackson, Milt Murtha, Paul Jazz Ensemble Bags' Groove
Johnson, Timothy   Concert Band Challenger Point
Jones, Quincy   Jazz Ensemble Birth of a Band
Jones, Quincy Lewis, Mike Jazz Ensemble Soul Bossa Nova
Jones, Quincy Story, Michael Concert Band Soul Bossa Nova
Kinyon, John   Concert Band Devil Dance
La Plante, Pierre   Concert Band March on the King's Highway
La Plante, Pierre   Concert Band Minka’s Sleigh Ride (On Old Russian Songs)
Lehár, Franz   Orchestra Merry Widow, The - "Vilia"
Lauder, Dale   Concert Band Soul Rock
Lautzenheiser, Tim   Concert Band Basic Blues
Lavender, Paul   Concert Band Dragonfire
Lennon, John & Paul McCartney Sweeney, Michael Concert Band Hard Day's Night, A (Selections from)
Loest, Timothy   Concert Band Fiesta Española
Loest, Timothy   Concert Band Sea Shanty Variations
Lopez, Victor   Jazz Ensemble Rock the House
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus   Orchestra Marriage of Figaro Overture, The - K.492
Myers, David A.   Concert Band Fury
Norman, Monty and John Barry Story, Mike Jazz Ensemble James Bond Theme
Nott, Douglas D.   Concert Band She Who Watches
O'Loughlin, Sean   Concert Band Ironclad
O'Loughlin, Sean   String Orchestra Lost Tomb, The
O'Reilly, John   Concert Band March Zuma
O'Reilly, John   Concert Band Lone Star Overture
Oare, Michael   Concert Band Sassafras Tea
Oare, Michael   Concert Band Spirit of the Wolf
Owens, William   Concert Band Blue Orchid, The
Owens, William   Concert Band Egyptique
Phillips, Bob   String Orchestra Two Celtic Dances
Puente, Tito Brown, Michael Concert Band Oye Como Va
Purdy, W.T. Higgins, John Concert Band On Wisconsin
Reineke, Steven   Concert Band Fate of the Gods
Saint-Saëns, Camille Fall Creek 2009 6th Grade Band Concert Band Egyptian Dance
Samudio, Domingo Morales, Erik Jazz Ensemble Wooly Bully
Saucedo, Richard L.   Concert Band Dreamsong
Schickele, Peter (P.D.Q. Bach)   Concert Band Grand Serenade for an Awful Lot of Winds and Percussion, S. 1000
Schickele, Peter (P.D.Q. Bach)   Clarinet Choir (9) Monochrome III for 9 Clarinets
Shaffer, David   Concert Band Starburst Fanfare
Shapiro, Alex   Concert Band Paper Cut
Sheldon, Robert   Concert Band Crown of Majesty
Sheldon, Robert   Concert Band Monster Under the Bed, The
Silvestri, Alan Brown, Michael Concert Band Avengers, The
Sloan, P.F. & Barri, Steve Osterling, Eric Concert Band Secret Agent Man Theme
Smith, Robert W.   Concert Band Apollo Fanfare
Smith, Robert W.   Concert Band Great Locomotive Chase, The
Smith, Robert W.   Concert Band Tempest, The
Smith, Robert W.   Concert Band Valiance - A Heroic Overture for Band
Spiritual (African-American) Scheuer, Jim Brass Ensemble I Want to Be Ready
Stalter, Todd   Concert Band Lightning!
Story, Michael   Concert Band Paradox
Story, Michael   Concert Band Slidin' the Blues
Strayhorn, Billy Sweeney, Michael Jazz Ensemble Take the "A" Train
Swain, John   Concert Band Paloyoloyo
Swearingen, James   Concert Band In the Wake of Spring
Sweeney, Michael   Concert Band Ancient Voices
Sweeney, Michael   Concert Band Bandroom Boogie
Sweeney, Michael   Concert Band Black Forest Overture
Sweeney, Michael   Concert Band Forge of Vulcan
Sweeney, Michael   Jazz Ensemble Hog-Squealin', Rip-Snortin', Belly-Achin' Blues
Sweeney, Michael   Concert Band Imperium
Telemann, Georg Philipp Unknown String Orchestra Concerto in D-Major
Temperton, Rod Longfield, Robert Concert Band Thriller (as performed by Michael Jackson)
Ticheli, Frank   Concert Band Portrait of a Clown
Traditional Watson, Scott Concert Band At the Feast of Stephen (Good King Wenceslas)
Traditional Balmages, Brian Concert Band Fanfare for a Winter Celebration
Traditional Williams, Mark Concert Band We Five Kings
Traditional DeRosa, Rich Jazz Ensemble Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Traditional McGinty, Anne Concert Band Two Canadian Folk Songs
Traditional Preston-Simon, Bill Concert Band Wayfaring Stranger, The
Traditional Jamaican Sheldon, Robert Concert Band On Caribbean Shores (Mary Ann)
Turner, Matt   String Orchestra Shuffleupagus
Various Vinson, Johnnie Concert Band Christmas Swings
Various (ABBA) Phillipe, Roy Concert Band Mamma Mia! Suite
Various (Blues Brothers) Bocook, Jay Concert Band Blues Brothers Revue, The
Vaughan Williams, Ralph   Concert Band English Folk Song Suite
Vincent, George   Jazz Ensemble Fat Burger
Vinson, Johnnie   Concert Band New Forest March
Waldteufel, Émile Pekas, Joseph Woodwind Ensemble España Waltzes
Watson, Scott   Concert Band Ghosts in the Graveyard
Watson, Scott   Concert Band Heavy Metal
Watts, Maymie & Wyche, Sid Nestico, Sammy & Brad Stoughton Jazz Ensemble Alright, Okay, You Win
Whitacre, Eric   Concert Band Seal Lullaby, The
White, Terry   Concert Band Mystery Ride
Williams, John Brubaker, Jerry Orchestra Harry Potter Symphonic Suite
Williams, John Higgins, John Concert Band Jurassic Park (Theme From)
Williams, John Tatgenhorst, John Concert Band Star Wars Medley (Main Title / Princess Leia's Theme)
Williams, Mark   Concert Band Albemarle Fantasy
Williams, Paul & Ascher, Kenneth L. Lavender, Paul Concert Band Rainbow Connection, The (from "The Muppet Movie")
Zimmer, Hans Higgins, John Concert Band Lion King, The (Selections From)
Zimmer, Hans Murtha, Paul Concert Band Spiderpig (from The Simpsons Movie)